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Mission Vision

ATFI brings to the Filipino industry a wide collection of affordable and quality toys within the reach of Filipino consumers.
To be one of the leading producers, manufacturers and distributors of toys in the Philippine Industry, transforming profit-making and infusing it with innovativeness, teamwork, commitment and excellence to better serve the country.


Company Overview

Situated in Divisoria, Manila, our store offers a wide range of toys from remote control cars, helicopters, battery operated toys, board games, sporting goods, dolls, kitchen set, educational toys, puzzles, activity toys, beach toy, party favors and much more. The selection of artificial plants and flowers includes tropical flowers, leaves, trees and plants. Floral arrangements for all seasons and occasions are also available. With our friendly staff, we are ready to assist you with your needs. For the last 45 years, we have brought affordable quality toys within the reach of the Filipino consumers – Heavy on the Fun and Light on the Budget!